Hi my name is chel, my son stephen was born 30-04-2007. When stephen was born his dad noticed there was something different with his left foot.

I had a normal enough pregnancy and all scans showed nothing unusual, i can clearly remember being told that stephen had all ten fingers and toes. I was injuced 4 days over with slight high blood pressure, when stephen came into the world he had the cord round his neck n knots in the cord. Stephen was handed to me after being checked n cleared that there was no problems.


It wasnt until his dad said to me whats wrong with his foot that we noticed he had no toes at all only 5 bobbles or little toes as we call them now.


We enjured, after xray, head to toe. With the only option offered was to remove the big toe off his right foot and put onto his left foot. I refused this as what would b the point in it if they dint even know if it will benefit him in anyway.

Stephens now an active 5 year old boy and suffers with loss of balance, nervousness of heights and other balance issues, im so proud of my son for being so strong for all this time. Its now becoming a physical and vanity problem for stephen as he sees other children with perfect feet, he wishes he was like them. Ive been to specialist after specialist regarding this, ive even been denied d.l.a. As they dont see he has enough of a problem. Id love if someone could see my story and help us and offer further support for my son.


Thank you for reading my story, please dont hesitate to get in touch.