My name is Louise Hough and I come from Stockport I lost my baby in September 2009 I was 17 weeks 5 days pregnant. I have only recently found out why my baby boy died he had severe ABS and I was told yesterday that my baby would never have made it to 39 weeks, here's my story. 


When I found out that I was pregnant it was a shock as it was not planned but I soon came around to the idea. 


I suffered through my whole pregnancy with problems first of all it started with bleeding at 6 weeks I was taken to A & E to be checked out, I waited anxiously in the waiting room and undertaken blood tests when the tests came back I was called into the room and was told that my hormones were at a level of 35,000 which was good as this confirmed the pregnancy wasn't trapped in my tubes. I was referred for a scan the following day which was a Sunday I was so nervous I was literally shaking, I got into the lift at the hospital and felt a release of blood I lost about 1/2 pint and the nurses said to me I might be having a miscarriage. My name was called and I walked into the scanning room and midwife scanned me I couldn't see it but there was a flicker on the screen my baby was beating away, I was told to go home and rest and they would check me in two weeks time. 


As planned I went for my 8 weeks and 12 weeks scan it was such a relief to see my baby on the monitor and doing fine, as for me I was suffering with water infections, headaches and a severe sore stomach. I normally suffer from kidney infections as I had my right kidney removed when I was ten but they were a lot more painful through my pregnancy, I continued to spot bleed up until my 16weeks anti-natal. 


I was starting to get excited now as I was passed the 12 week mark I went to my anti-natal appointment at 16 weeks to have the normal bloods taken for Down’s Syndrome I explained how sore my belly was becoming and that I just didn't feel at all right the midwife referred me to the hospital later that day and I was checked over by doctor and I listened to my baby's heartbeat it was like a fast train I felt so relieved I just wanted to cry. Hearing my baby's heartbeat gave me such a boost that these aches and pain where going to be worth it and I couldn't wait for my 20 week scan. 


It was a Wednesday morning and I got up as normal for work I went into the bathroom and there was blood again my belly felt strange like a heavy weight, I started to panic so I phoned Triage for advice they asked me to get to hospital as soon as possible. I once again felt sick as I arrived at the hospital I walked in and midwife was waiting they gave me a bed and said they wanted to first check for a heartbeat. I lay on the bed waiting for the midwife to come back with the machine which felt like an eternity, the midwife came back and my worst fear came true there was no heart beat found I remember lying there panicking and I started to cry. I was then taken for a scan I lay there praying for a heartbeat I looked up at the screen I could see a straight line going across like a wave I knew what was coming my baby had died. 


At 17 weeks 5 days on the Friday I was induced and I gave birth to a baby boy named Joshua I went through 26 hours of labour and was rushed into theatre as I haemorrhaged and needed a DNC. 


I got to hold my baby boy he was so tiny he fitted into my hand, I was asked if I wanted to have tests done to see why this tragedy happened I and the farther both had bloods taken and genetic bloods which all come back normal. Joshua had a full post-mortem report and ABS was confirmed the ABS was so severe that it affected all his limbs and he also had cleft lip the doctors have said that Joshua would of never made it to 20 weeks and they said I would go on to have healthy babies. At present I am trying to move on I will never forget my little fighter he will always be in my heart.